September 12, 2007


This mornings quiet time was a total wash. I dont even remember it. Of course, it happened at 4:30. So there's that. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go back and read all my bible readings again because it'll be BRAND NEW for the second time today...
However, I do really like getting up with Brett, ok "like" is a strong word...but I DO find that its more benefitual than I probably realize for us to do that together everyday.

I guess its good I had the third shift today...started at 11. Worked out at our apartment complex's gym...watched VH1's music videos, but even that didnt wake me up totally.

Brett is going to be working tonight ( should be home around midnight...) maybe I'll go see The Nanny Diaries, I've heard medicre reviews so I figured I wouldnt put Brett through "mediocre" chick-flicks ;-)

Well, on contemplation, I have no other news to share with you, except to say that I'm still really enjoying working at the coffee shop. I have never worked in the service industry for almost a month and a half without having any really rude customers before!! It really is a credit to the North Western Coffee Drinkers that our clintele is SO very friendly and nice! The down side to this is that nice people arent nearly the same kind of fodder for writing... ;-)

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