September 13, 2007

a pile of pictures

I've lost the card stick for my computer so I can put the pictures on my camera on the computer and therefore share the rest of the loverly pictures we have of the apartment, as well as a picture I took last night of the pants I found a goodwill for three dollars.
Yup, I found these silk indian wrap pants stuck in between some hideous early 90s print dresses...and they're really great, and the BEST part is I think they are going to fit perfectly the "casual elegant" dress code for the wedding we're attending on Saturday. I cant tell you what horrible trouble I've had with this vague and unhelpful dress code! I mean, suuuure technically with something that vague you cant officially go wrong...but I like to fit in! I like to look cool without it looking like I've tried to hard. Yes, I'm that lame.
Anyway. these pants are cool and I wanted to share them with you...but who KNOWS what happened to that converter! BOO!

In other news, I went on a date with myself last night. Saw The Nanny Diaries, ate Thai Satay Peanut was good except that I missed Brett the whole time.

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