September 11, 2007

slowly going postal

Driving to Main post: 20 minutes
Getting a day pass for the Prius ( we dont have military tags for it yet): 20 minutes
Driving to Hospital Pharmacy: 10 minutes
Finding out the Pharmacy at Hospital does not do "outside prescriptions: 10 minutes
Driving to Pharmacy across post: 15 minutes
Waiting for Prescription at 2nd Pharmacy: 25 minutes
Finding out that TriCare has made a wrong notation on my records ( saying I'm a dependant not a spouse): 5 minutes
Driving back to Main Hospital to visit Medical Records: 15 minutes
Waiting in Medical Records: 35 minutes
Waiting at Main Pharmacy again(!), because 2nd pharmacy said they'd make an exception because of the TriCare error: 20 minutes
Waiting for Main Pharmacy employee to try to figure out how to "do something different" and fill the outside prescription: 35 minutes
Time it took for her supervior to do it once she finally called him: 5 minutes
Driving home with rush hour traffic 30 minutes

Total time for me to FINALLY get my prescription: 4 hours

Finally having my presciption: PRICELESS


In other news, Brett and I went to the Puyallup Fair ( yeah, that's a real name!) last night...its the 6th largest fair in the country ( apparently) and it was pretty good fun, especially since it was the warmest day we've had all year ( 85 degrees and beautiful!)...lots of fun. Interesting Fact: Traditional Fair food in the northwest=scones. really weird. but totally yummy.


Carina said...

I recall someone complaining because they had too much time in the day. I think the Lord generously answered your prayer...

Lazy Mom said...

Oh geez! I hate those kind of days! Where everything is a challenge to get done. Horrible! Yet funny to hear it being YOU and not ME!

Lazy Mom said...

P.S. If you're wondering who Lazy Mom is... it's me. Anna's old roomate. Code Name: Haas. Get it?
I changed my identity to be more incognito.

Anonymous said...

Scones??? That sounds yummy.

Did they at least have a deep-fried Snickers or Twinky stand? Or funnel cakes??? (I am making myself sick thinking about fair food...)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the same process that we go through for things overseas. I am learning new cultural differences about Washington. Thanks. I never would have guessed scones.