September 14, 2007

The new kind of dating..

You would think that once you are married the horriblness that is dating would be totally over. No more would you have to stress over first dates ( what will we talk about? What should I wear? What will they think of me?), or when to call someone....

But, low and behold, while I never really dated that much when I was single...I have now come across Friendship Dating.
Oh, maaaaan.
Today, I am being set up for lunch with my mother-in-law's good friend's daughter.
I also met a really nice girl here at the coffee shop who I talked with for a while during a lull in customers, and when she left she left me her number on a scratch piece of paper....
And my friend Sarah emailed me with the name and number of a friend of her's who just moved to Seattle who she laughingly said she wanted to set me up on a "friend blind date".

I now feel really sorry for guys having to get up the nerve to hang out with a girl. Its a lot harder now then when I was in college, you dont have that 'common bond' of going to the same school etc. Anyway, at the same time don't think I'm complaining...maybe I wont be a TOTAL cat woman, minus the cats next week.

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Tda said...

does this mean that you need the pre-date prep talk?? ;)
I look forward to hearing about the dates. hmmm, I'm refraining from giving you dating advice. I'm sure that you'll be fine. afterall, you have had an approx. 100% success rate with all you previous dates... leading to a marriage proposal ;)