October 18, 2007


Brett has decided to go back to work tomorrow even though he got his wisdom teeth taken out today. Reason? Because his boss wouldnt like it if he missed work.

I realized that the bank financing our car charged us a $200 fee for paying more than our monthly balance. 200 dollars. This was not part of the agreement. Or so I thought.

I also got reprimanded by my boss for: toasting the panini's so that the grill lines go vertical rather than horizontal. for not "finding busy work to do when you dont have customers". Not making a particular drink exactly to his specifications ( which I couldnt remember at the time)...

I feel incredibly like everything is out of my control. That no matter how hard I try. things arent working out as I would have hoped.

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Louise said...

Hey Abbey
Man that fine is really sucky! Being told off for vertical instead of horizontal lines is silly, I bet the customers didn't notice or care.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.