October 16, 2007

the land of the living

I promise I'm trying to take it slow...but I am just SO HAPPY to be back at work, back in the land of the living. I really do love my job-all my regulars asking where I'd been-the fun of juggling a bunch of orders all at once-the smell of coffee-the warm lighting that makes the rainy gray day outside look a little less gray-arranging the pastries so they look their yummiest...

My toes are currently painted a sparkly red that looks remarkably like Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz, its a pitty I am constantly having to put socks on because my feet are cold-otherwise I'd be tempted to look at my feet all the time. Did I mention that its officially cold outside?! *sigh* I have already forgotten what "hot" is like....what I do enjoy is all the colors of the trees...gorgeous oranges, reds, yellows...I really need to start taking pictures-but I usually just notice them when I'm driving ( not the best time to take pictures-not that I havent tried).

I'm making homemade Chili when I get off work-one of Brett's friends from Ranger School is in town for a day so we're having him and Charlie over for dinner ( Charlie just got back from Iraq and we still havent had him over yet!)...my first attempt at really cooking since the pheumonia. blah. Hope all goes well, I think I'm actually TIRED of take out.

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Trinity said...

Referring to yesterday, have you tried putting an open box of baking soda in the fridge? It's supposed to soak in the odors.