October 19, 2007

fridays. much better.

So, I feel I must write after yesterdays venting action....turned out Brett felt pretty awful this morning ( I didnt gloat about this at all-since its not like I WANTED him to feel bad) and therefore decided to stay home afterall-for which I was very glad....I will pretty much take any excuse necessary for Brett to get rest. And now he's sitting at the dinningroom table playing with his new Magic cards he bought on Ebay...so I think he's doing much better.

Work was also not horrible-back to my usual routine of making customers happy... without my boss there to see it. *sigh*...but anyway, I figure my tips speak for themselves...and I'm just going to be prepared the next time he's in the shop to be even MORE awesome.

As for the car loan, I called and got it all sorted out this morning-I even made a long term payment decision which I think is a good one. I'm relying on the math skills I learned from Mrs. Clark in 12th grade so, meh, what can I say?
I turns out I DID know more than the "loan officer" at the bank-she put me on hold to figure out our interest, during which time I figured it out and then when she came back on the phone she told me "the equation I could use to figure out my interest" in which she said "multiply by 365 days" and I responded with, "dont you mean divide?!"
I felt totally vindicated for the trial they'd put me through....

So, ok, maybe I over reacted yesterday...or MAYBE it was just about time I had a breakdown....hahaha. Whatever the case, I'm reeeeeally glad its friday. We're going to see Dashboard Confessionals on Sunday and I'm TOTALLY dressing up as an emo chick. I even have skinny black pants JUST for the occasion! hahaha...

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S.P. said...

Just for the record (a really sad, sad record) I have NEVER owned skinny black pants. I'm totally jealous.