October 23, 2007

it is time

So, sorry havent blogged in a while. meh. Saturday I worked and then vegged out on the couch followed by a small birthday gathering at the Drakes house. Sunday was church ( I am still really liking Fellowship Bible Church-and am really praying about how God might want us to fit there...) and then off to Seattle where the following happened:

-went to the Science Fiction Museum/Experience Music Museum
-talked to Penny on the phone in museum, therefore saw hardly any of it.
-decided it wasnt a great loss
-got lost three times
-got heckled by drunken Seahawk football fans
-ate a fabulous milkshake ( strawberry cheesecake? yes please.)
-stood in a long line of Emo Children ( and when I say children, I mean under the age of 21...) ranging in levels of annoying.
-played "Movies that start with the Letter *blank*" with Chuck, Wes, Bethany and Brett while we waited for our long line to move.
-pushed through crowds of Emo Children to stand for literally HOURS to see three sets of music ( some dude not worth mentioning, Augustana-who turned out to be really refreshing and good, Dashboard Confessionals-so tired of standingandwaiting I hardly noticed whether I was disappointed or not)
-drove home very late at night, worrying about Brett having to get up at 4 the next morning.

Thus my weekend.
It was actually pretty good, and besides the bullet points very entertaining and memorable. If you need pictures to better appreciate it, see them here

However, this week is already turning out to be....trying. For one thing Brett is having to leave for work at 5, not only does this cut into sleeping time-but we've also not been able to have our quiet times together...this morning consisted of a prayer time in bed ( me praying in bed at 4:45 is really not very inspiring)...so that's hard. I am also not feeling very well-I'm kicking myself for the extended period of time I spent out in the elements on Sunday-and with only a light jacket, then getting overheated at a concert and standing up for hours...ummmm...way to take care of yourself there Miss I-like-to-get-pheumonia-and-other-illnesses-regularly.
But, I came home from work an hour early and slept on the couch for an hour and a half. Hopefully that helped. MEEEH!
Seriously, this 23 year old body is totally whimping out on me!
Speaking of which. I'm ALMOST twenty-four as of yesterday the count down to my birthday officially started. November 22 here we come! :-P

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