October 25, 2007

not fading into the clear blue yonder...just yet.

Some days I get scared that I have lost my creative side. As much as I love my job, it only uses my “relating to others” skills and my “coffee making” skills ( which are so newly acquired they’re hardly worth mentioning.)…so what if I’m becoming some sort of dimwit who is only capable writing in her journal to God, grocery lists and her name on debit card recites?
I honestly don’t know what I’ll do.
Yet, it seems to be happening. For one thing-I have a lot less time to blog…you see, I realized recently that while its possible for me to blog at work, this job is very different from my last two. Having a constant flow of customers, each different in personality, age, style, history-my mind is having to be a constant activity in composing communications with these people. Leaving little time to compose sentences for a blog post not yet written.
Its so sad! It is like a season is over, a season that was truly wonderful. A season I want back. You see, I didn’t just blog once ( often twice) a day…no… I blogged all the time-you only read a small fraction of what I was actually narrating. Yes, the truth has finally come out: I use to talk to myself and THAT was blogging.

So, now that I’ve identified that lack, I am just going to have to change my strategy. This is part of growing up: I must now be disciplined. Make myself compose sentences in my head-find things that aren’t off limits for me to blog about….I must TAKE the time to write this dear little blog. Because, I will not be like everyone else who has neglected their blog, slowly dwindling away until the writer and its readers alike forget it ever existed. No, if this blog ever ends-It’ll have a strong ending…an ending on the scale of Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech. So there.

Ok, so now that we’ve gotten that life crisis out of the way…

Last night, Brett and I watched Evan Almighty. What a delightful little movie! I totally laughed and it had some rather nice ways of looking at the relationship of God and man-nothing I’d look at under in theological microscope-but not bad nonetheless. Steve Carell is fast becoming my new favorite comedian.
I also made Peanut Sauce and Stirfry chicken.

I realized this morning that I actually had two complete “nights sleep”. The first went from 10:30pm-4:30am and the second went from 5am-9am. They are so scarily similar in length I feel dreadfully bad for Brett who missed out on that second one. The one that really made the difference.

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Katie Middlebrook said...

Half way through your blog I thought you were going to say you were going to quit blogging. You can't! And I'm so glad you're determined not to :). Who else would give me inspiration to force myself to continue to do it!