October 10, 2007

things to do while you're sick.

I went shopping today. Not that Old Navy counts as shopping...but the fact that I stood up and walked around for over ten minutes was a major feat....and then I "rested" in the movie The Jane Austen Bookclub, which I actually really enjoyed...it was so much nicer than that "other stupid Jane Austen movie" that came out recently...this one was present-day, not even pretending to be ALL UPONS Jane...and since I just finished reading "Persuasion" this morning it was timely....and on the way home I picked up Little Caesar's Pizza ( which JUST OPENED DOWN THE ROAD FROM OUR HOUSE!!!!!! YESSSSSS)...because cooking is still way difficult-and besides, I loooove LC.
In other news, Andrew Stroud-one of the Navigator leader dudes-called and his family is making Brett and I dinner tomorrow because I've been sick. How incredibly sweet is that?!
So, its been a nice day. And I'm officially going back to work on Tuesday. So more naps are in my future-all very healthy and recover-y of me.


christa said...

Yay for feeling well enough to go out! I promise I am going to call you at some point. I really want to hear your voice again.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you are better!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Donnave (dumb!)