October 15, 2007

sleepin with the fishes

So, Sunday morning we woke up to a very awful smell coming from the kitchen....after a small amount of investigating ( "what's that brown puddle by the fridge?!" ) it turns out an entire bottle of fish sauce exploded in the fridge....much cleaning later and the smell is STILL HERE!!!

It is literally driving me crazy, I dont know if you've ever smelled fish sauce ( used in many Thai dishes and other asian foods) but it smells exactly like its name. FISHY. NASTY. NO GOOD. NOT FRESH.
Anyway, I cleaned the fridge AGAIN this morning, have three candles lite, and one Bath & Bodyworks plug in, plugged in in the kitchen and stillllll I smell it.

I'm wonder if its still hiding somewhere? I'm wondering if it'll ever go away? I'm wondering if life will ever be the same???

In other news, I'm going back to work tomorrow...I'm really looking forward to it, although, I'm a tad nervous that I wont be able to make it or something....that I'll have a coughing fit ON a customer, or I'll faint from standing up longer than I have in weeks...buuuut, I'm sure its going to be fine. Yesterday Brett and I went shopping ( Brett looks soooo hooooot in the clothes I picked out for him. hehe) and I made it through that relatively unscathed. So, back to work I go!

Did I tell you we tried out a new church yesterday? Well, we did. And I am happy to say there was NOTHING I disliked about it! Seriously! Good Bible TEACHING ( who knew this was so hard to find) and the worship was not dead and the people were extremely friendly and warm!! So, I am excited about future church-going....
I am also excited about Andrew's Bible study that he's leading on Thursday nights-and I'm actually enjoying the "40 days of Community" ( circa purpose driven life guy) bible study we're going to on Wednesday nights ( which is shocking...I had such a bad attitude about this particular endeavor...). So, the week is offically full and I'm also trying to be all healthy ( went to health food store today just to prove it.) and sleeping lots etc....so yes. That's me.

Oh, and Brett is getting two of his wisdom teeth taken out on Thursday...this means he gets Thursday and Friday off from work...this does not make up for the fact that he has to leave for work at 5am every day next week ( proving my theory that Army is sloooowly pushing their mornings earlier and earlier and their evenings later and later until one day Brett will not come home at all)....or the fact that he as 24 hr. duty the day after Thanksgiving ( meaning he wont even be home for DINNER that night! BOO!). I'm saying all this here because I know I need to be more encouraging and support of Brett and Evil Army-because I am continually impressed at his positive attitude, when he DOES have even the inkling of a bad attitude he's immediately all over it, putting an end to it some how ( with God's help)....so I must continually pray for help in this area too. This is life.


davey said...

How I love the inter-connectedness of the web. Somehow stumbled from Facebook to my blog to my sister's blog and then suddenly, I discover Abigail... Wilson's blog! Belated congratulations on the name change and all by the way.

And speaking of, are you allowed to call your husband's employer evil? They still allow members of the army free speech? Or just their wives?

Anonymous said...

haha! just their wives, i think...and, only when not on base! davey, are you from nz?
i am so glad that you are feeling better. it's neat to hear you say you are ready to go to work! it means that my abbey of the sanguine nature is back. aunty d