January 23, 2008

And that's just how I roll...

Yesterday I ran ( 2 miles...) on the treadmill whilest listening to This American Life on my ipod. I wonder if I'm the first person to find an NPR talk show as good workout sound?!

I then went and had icecream ( that's what you do after working out. duh.) with Amy who I met last week at Thurs. Bible Study and who is a really cool chick who also has a blog, likes to swim, wrote letters to a guy in ranger school and now plans on marrying him....these are just a few of the things we have in common. Another would be sarcasm. So, I think I'll keep her around. hahaha.

I took a "back way" to get home from the icecream only to find myself in the middle of nowhere...I almost freaked out but I just followed my "direction heart" and it lead me home. Sense of direction is a Spiritual gift...it should be added to the list.

I found Brett asleep on the couch when I got home. I woke him up and told him all about my day while he was still in the discombobulated state that naps never fail to put you in....so since I told him about the tragedy of our wedding video while he was still in discombobulated land I was able to discuss it in full without interruption for like ten minutes.........this is not to say that even when Brett is completely non-discombobulated he doesnt let me go all monologue-esque every so often. ;-) Its calming. I then informed him that "Indian food would be a very good idea right now" ( which is exactly the truth when you've worked out and followed that up with a chaser of icecream....indian food is the obvious ending.) and so off we went to Gateway to India..and MMMmmMmMmmm was it goooooooood.

We arrived home to Chuck who was in desperate need of "Wilson consoling" and so Brett made him a sandwich and I listened and so hopefully we ended up calming someone else down too.

And now we're here. At Wednesday. This week is going by soooo fast! Monday was pretty much a non-day ( thanks Martin Luther King! ) and its really set me back! Hopefully, I will accomplish all that needs to be done. As for right now....a quiet time is calling my name....

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