January 25, 2008

obsessive ( not compulsive).

Basically I'm like a small child in many ways. For instance, I'm pretty much as equally obsessed withDavid Sederis as many tweens are with High School Musical. Today, I googled him and then watched all sorts of youtube interviews with him.... yesterday I downloaded his book "Me talk Pretty One Day" and have been listening to it while running on the treadmill ( this basically came after I'd exhausted all my "This American Life" free archives. He's really funny. In a dry sort of way. I totally secretly wish I could be that funny.

Also, for much of this week I have been craving cupcakes like they were going out of style ( which they are SO not) in fact, I talked up cupcakes so much that my new-friend-Amy pretty much shut me up by agreeing to go to Hello Cupcake with me this evening. I bought four cupcakes. I ate two. It was glorious.

Anyway, this week is FINALLY over. Its been a weird week. I've felt really really busy, but I've hardly gone anywhere except work. So who knows what I've actually been "accomplishing". I do know that my toilets and bathtubs are in great need of cleaning. Side note: What is WITH the mold?! I can NOT seem to control the mold issue in our bathtubs! And do not comment and tell me I need to start cleaning them everyday or something..because, that's not an option...instead I'd like for you to give me a PRACTICAL solution. I'm pretty much obsessed with how horrible it is....I think about it all the time...I saw an advertisement for "bathroom refurbishing" on TV and I actually thought about it for a second, as though ripping out the bathtub is our only option left ( that's how I feel )....Anyway, I'll probably end up killing myself with bathroom cleaning products ( the fumes)...Brett will come back from the field next week to find my lifeless body sprawled in the bathtub, hand raised with scrub brush in hand....

I havent been able to sleep lately. I lay in bed and think of all the things that need to be done. Things I havent done...things like cleaning the bathtubs.
Anyway, last night was the WORST ( probably because Brett wasnt there)...2:30...its an evil, evil time when no one should be awake. ever. Hopefully, tonight will be a better because tomorrow I'm getting up "early" because Katie and I are going to Dream Dinners...and I know I'm being lazy by just linking that-I should go into detail about how COOL of a business idea this is...but I'm tired. ( lack of sleep, remember?) so check it out-and hopefully I'll actually be a better blogger and tell you about it tomorrow after I've actually experiences it first hand...no promises.

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Christa said...

I have a simple solution for the shower..Scrub and Bubbles AUTOMATIC shower cleaner. All you and Brett have to do is push a button and it does the work for you.