January 22, 2008

moving on...

Sooo, I just deleted a post. Sorry about that. Minor ranting....and I've blown my nose and dried my tears and we're moving on to....THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!
That's right, Brett and I had a fabulous time in Long Beach Washington...."home of the longest beach" and "kites"... we pretty much did NOTHING. Our hotel room was on the side of awesomeness....and the beach was cold but gorgeous. All in all a wonderful time was had by all. As in both of us.

So, we're home again and my next major task is to prepare for Brett's Birthday!!! YAAAAY! Brett turns 25 on Saturday. But, before you start freaking out about how that's not time enough to put your bank account in his name in honor of his birth....dont worry, Brett is leaving for "the field" on Thursday and will actually be out of town for his b-day. SOoooOOO, we'll be celebrating the NEXT weekend. I've got Best-Wife-Ever gifts coming his way....ooOOOoooo ;-)

Of course, until then I'll also be all by myself-which has become almost "normal"....however, I'm hoping that now that I'm an "official" bible study leader that my girls will feel obligated to hang out with me-we'll call it "extra credit in Holiness" or something.

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donnave said...

I almost, but not quite, got to read your post!! The deleted one. I only have the title to go by. So, my prayers...hopefully, youreally are better by this time. Love you.

[Oh, I need to talk with you about the trip to Wash. that is being planned.]