January 27, 2008

the good way.

So, I've been all busy the past two days. And its been extra girlie which adds an element that I just havent been use to as of late, and its definitely been a nice change.

Not long ago Brett and I had a really good chat about why I didnt really have many ( if any) girl friends here in Washington ( awwwww...) and i realized that it was going to require a mental change for me to make the "switch" from having a constant household full of guys to a constant household full of girls. Now, granted its easier when brett's out on the field to have a house full of girls-but ultimately, I just need to start realizing that I'm not JUST called to a life of feeding and counseling boys.. but that I can ALSO feed and hang out with girls too!! imagine that! ;-) Which means, that sometimes I cant always worry about whether Brett's tired, and whether he'll mind having girls ( because girls tend to be loud and giggly) around.... because, he can DEFINITELY handle it. I mean, he can handle the army...why not a bunch of girls?! hehehe.

Anyway, so until he gets back I've just gone ahead with my plan of being friends with girls full force. And so, for the past two days its be all girls, all the time...accept for Chuck who was also there...but Chuck is always, always there so thats ok....and its been fun! Last night it was long talks and more cupcakes ( in the form of homemade chai cupcakes...mmmm!) and the first season of Gilmore Girls...and today it consisted of an ENTIRE row of girls at church ( that's right...even MORE of my friends are coming to our church now! Its wonderful!) and then a lunch of pasta and then...of course....more Gilmore Girls. It turns out-it doesnt take much for me to get back into the swing of girl time. :-)

However, I have realized in the busy-ness of this weekend that I must also remember to take the time to listen to God, listen to His leading...in church today I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I was bombarded with all SORTS of things that I felt like I needed to bring up in conversations, people I needed to be praying for more specifically...it was like God was like, "YES! She's finally sitting still and being quiet-QUICK! Let me talk to her!!!"

I dont want to be like that. I do want to be a Sunday Listener. I want to be a God Listener all week long. Because, these new girl friends...and hey, even the old boy friends ( because I dont plan on getting rid of them.) deserve for me to be a friend that listens to what God's saying...especially since I know that's the kind of friends that I desire to have...friends that will call me on things that i need to work on/watch out for, friends that will encourage me when I need some praise...and friends that know exactly which I need ( that can be difficult to gauge sometimes).
So, here's to me listening more...

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