January 17, 2008

your ( washington) resident blogger

So, today I went and got my Washington drivers license. I feel like I've become a traitor to my wonderful state of Texas...until I think of the many good reasons to become a washington resident:
My Texas license is expired and I cant get a new one because I'm out of state ( duh.)
In washington they have a law that if you're in the military or a military spouse you dont have to get your license renewed ( sweet.)
I can now vote for President in a state that doesn't vote republican EVER. SINGLE. TIME.
Oh, and being a texan is a state of MIND, and I dont have to be a resident for that. ;-)

Anyway, I'll be getting my license in the mail in a few short days. I will spare you the story of how I had to drive to the DMV twice in one day...and then leave a third time to hit up an ATM. Believe me it sounds a lot more exciting when I leave out all the details. ;-)

So, I havent blogged in a while, you're right. And I have no really good excuse, except that I've been SO boring of late that even *i* your resident Queen of Boring couldnt make it funny or exciting. I know, amazing.

I *have* watched almost an entire second season of Veronica Mars-so you can remember to ask me about that later. ;-) I have also managed to make a 16 yr-old not like me ( actually it was a long time ago-but apparently 16 year-olds hold grudges. go figure). And I've made a batch of cookies and a batch of Holiday Truffles-both of which I only ate "a few of" in the hopes of loosing a few pounds...this of course hasnt happened yet, but I'm still hopeful. I have drunk massive amounts of water-which, you know, is good for "something"...and "something" being going to the bathroom four times an hour. I have sent said batches of sweets to Brett's co-workers who pretty much needed any sugar rush I could give them since Brett's average working hours this week have been....about 13.5 hours a day....And, other than that, not much has gone on.
Tonight, I'm officially taking over as leader of the girls of the Navigators Thursday night bible study. My first order of business will be to find a nice short concise name for that. ;-)

In other news in case I cant think of anything exciting to tell you tomorrow...here's more exciting Wilson News: Brett has a four day weekend starting tomorrow-and I have a three day weekend starting Saturday. So, we'll be breaking out of town on Saturday to head down to "Long Beach" washington home of the "Windless Kite Festival: Longest running indoor festival in the country"...I know, I know, you're jealous.


S.P. said...

This is all fine and good... BUT HAVE YOU FOUND YOUR FAR SIDE CALENDAR YET????? America needs to know!

Anonymous said...

i AM jealous about the kites. Kites or ohio? Kites every time.

-- your new friend Amy

Lyds said...

I walked to a "Long Bay" today. we thought it was 10kms away making it a 20km round trip to be done in four hours. But no. It was was a 30km round trip done in 6hrs.

I think your "Long Bay" with Kites sounds a more fun....and a lot less painful. Oh well..OxFam 100km walkies here we come...

James said...

Your a traitor to Texas. All those men died at the Alamo so you could have that Texas Drivers license. The law for military people is if you keep your Texas drivers license you can drive in that state even if its expired. Same goes for car tags. And now that your a resident of the wonderful state of Washington, you get to pay State Income taxes.