February 12, 2008

feet and their pain of holding me up all day

I quite literally had to sit down...I still have four bags of groceries to unpack but I just COULDNT do it!

You see, today has been crazed. It started late last night when I still couldnt sleep...what's UP with not being able to go to sleep?!! I mean, I'm tired, I'm not even that stressed...what's the dealio?!

annnyway, I'm pretty sure today's badness started with the not sleeping because let me just say, in my 7 months married, today was the worst attitude I've had to date about getting up at 4:30...I mean, it was literally a fight in my mind the WHOLE time I was up reading the bible, praying and writing in my journal.....pretty much means I need another quiet time tonight...
So, after the struggling quiet time with Brett I went back to bed for a measly hour...which turned into 30 minutes because at 6am I got a call from work saying "could you PLEEEEASE go and get us some lids for the coffee cups?!!"
This annoyed me to NO END...since I spent literally ALL DAY yesterday trying to get ahold of Mr. Boss Man to tell him that we were down to 20....10....FIVE lids...and would he please do something about this?! But, no answer.
And here we are EARLY next morning with me driving to Cash N' Carry which is, like, twenty minutes away....someone promote me already, you KNOW it would make life easier for all of us. Blah.

After the early trip to "everything in bulk" store...I spent HOURS at work. And, not that I'm "really" complaining but I had to stay an extra hour until Katy arrived so that Amy wouldnt be "alone" on her third day. I'm not complaining because I suppose its POSSIBLE that we have an insane influx of customers in an hour and her be all on her lonesome to take care of them in a shop she doesnt know wel, and then I'd have felt HORRIBLEl...but STILL....Abigail was TIRED....and....

after work, Abigail didnt even get to go home...nope, off I went to the Commisary where I bought groceries to feed hundreds. Or at least two.
And that brings us to when I dragged all my bags into the house about ten minutes ago and my feet revolved and decided they could NOT carry me any more with out a break and some chocolate.
Yes, chocolate.


donnave said...

Hooray for chocolate! It gets us through! Love you.

Amy said...

So sorry to have caused your delay. But you know if someone leaves me there alone when I have not yet tamed the Register of Moses, than it wouldve like um jumped on me. Or something.
Gee whiz.
In other news, crazy church guy is at our door again talking to Luke.
And had you added a muffin to that chocolate combo you wouldve felt that much better. Promise.

Paul James said...

I remember shopping at the commissary. That was the only grocery store I knew for nearly 18 years. Good times.