February 16, 2008

just about perfect...

Last night Brett and I threw the perfect party...watching the new Brian Regan stand up DVD with about 15 friends stuffed into our living room eating pizza, guacamole and chips, snickerdoodles and mocha chocolate cake ( mmmmmmm!).....got a text from a friend who'd JUST gotten engaged ( congrats AMY!!!!) which I got to pass around to all the other girls in our bible study-I love technology today that makes news so instantaneous.

Today Brett made breakfast for Chuck and I....I looked up flights to texas ( yay for April!) while he and chuck did their bible study....Brett and I drove to the movies while our new handy-awesome GPS told us how to get there ( Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!!) and we watched Jumper ( which was lame..but, hey, I've been wanting to go to the movies for ages..)...came home to the mail and a V-day card from my sister....the exact same card I sent her ( great minds...).

Now Brett is playing on his Wii and I'm wishing I hadnt eaten half a giant bag of M&Ms plus 3/4 of a bag of sour gummies. Ugg.

I'd say my three day weekend is already turning out really well. :-)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get Brett a Wii and how much was it? Our BSM director really wants one.


Lyds said...

When are you going to Texas in April? Don't forget Em and I area visit you in Seattle =)

Trinity Scott said...

If you wait till the end of May or later, there will be a new baby Scott!