March 11, 2008

aint no sunshine when you're gone.

Dang it if yesterday wasnt a bad day. It could have been the rain, it could have been that stupid hour that we all lost on Saturday or it could have been the fact that Brett had to stay at work until 10pm.

Probably the last one.

Anyway, today I resolved to have a better day, even if it meant going and sitting with my group of old men that come the coffee shop on Tuesdays to talk about water aerobics and the weather.... and it did make me feel better when the boss brought his ten month old son into work. That kid had the chubbiest cheeks ever. I have also decided I'm not watching any project runway today......this is mostly because I need to be extra holy this week since I have three, count'em, THREE bible studies to prepare for...I definitely don't feel spiritual enough to answer some of the tough questions that the girls in my bible study on Thursday threw my way for our Ladies Brunch on Saturday....but then again, that's probably really a good thing! Much more room for God to actually DO something ;-)

Hey, you know what? You'd think that after living with Army for the past, ooooh, eight months I'd get use to crummy way they treat their soldiers and I'd learn how to be totally ok with them giving my husband four 16 hour days in a row...but, hey, you know what? I just can't. Growing up in a America and its whole "everyone has a right to live a cushy life" ( haha) I have come to expect some particular decencies...and in particular "people with degrees shouldnt have to work for two bucks an hour to keep our countries freedoms intact."

I feel better just typing that. :-P

Now, I'm off to buy light bulbs for the kitchen.


Paul James said...

the Army will certainly give you opportunities to learn patience and humility :-) It can only get better!

Anonymous said...

Well on behalf of the others who he is keeping safe we appreciate his hard work. And just think how unsafe we would be if we didn't have our soldiers or if they weren't as well trained? I know it must be hard but you are never completely alone.