March 06, 2008

I'm tired.

Today I:
Tried to make whip cream out of half&half instead of heavy whipping cream (didnt work)
Made a blinder sound like a dying witch ( by accidently knocking it off its axis)
Broke a plate

Yup, I'm really, really tired. This week has been long, fast, and full of snot.

Yet, because I'm-crazy-go-nuts I told Genevieve and Kristen I'd go to Seattle with them tomorrow...and I'm helping Amy register for wedding gifts on Saturday. So that makes TWO days of walking around and shopping. It doesnt sound exactly like "resting" should but, hey, it seems that when I DO rest I still get forget you, stupid body, I'm going to go live like a 24 year old should! *me sticking my tongue out at the universe*

After reading over this post I realized that I am acting like a two-year-old who REALLY needs a nap, and yet resists, making themselves and everyone else miserable in the process. HAHAHA. So true.

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donnave said...

I have subsribed to a blog by edudlooc13 (I have a link). I just think you would enjoy the writing...very intriguing.
Also, you should have been able to whip the 1/2 and 1/2. In fact, I have seen skimmed milk whipped. Perhaps, you were too impatient because I have found that ultra-pasteurized products take MUCH longer to whip up than just pasteurized.
Hope you begin to feel better soon. Love