April 11, 2008

a smallish rant.

Last night I made two batches of cupcakes and decorated them with green and white icing in preparation for Brett to take them to work with him today to hand off to his boss who would then hand them off to two nameless soldiers who's birthdays are this weekend....( me continuing to be a good little army wife by being all involved.)

It all seemed well in good until I got up ( for the second time) this morning and found that Brett had left for work without said cupcakes...thus began what I like to call, "abigail breaks all her rules"

Rule #1: Abigail does not like to call Brett during his work day.
Reason: I've always felt that wives who feel the need to interrupt there husbands during a busy day to ask them how things are going, or to tell them that they had two muffins for lunch, or what kind of lunch meat he'd like me to buy at the store....well, I find it rather inconsiderate. At least in MY situation. Its obvious that Brett's days are far more full than mine so it would be easy to forget what an interruption from me might mean to his work scedule. So, instead I've made a blanket rule to not call him unless its an emergency and for all other things I just text him.... ( you know, "I love you, hope you're having a good day" ...."Hope that horrible meeting went well..." stuff like that.)

Rule #1-broken. I called Brett. Left a message and then continued to call him several more times until he finally picked up. He then asked me if it was "important"...which....ummm....YEAH! Would I have called you otherwise?! ( apparently he doesnt know about my rules.)

Rule #2: Abigail does not like to go into situations where she stands out.
Reason: I wouldnt call myself "hugely insecure"...but I would admit that I'm a little bit of a crazy person in a lot of ways...and I dont like doing things that require me to be TOTALLY different from everyone else ( except for the day I wore the clown suit all day in the 8th grade-that was different. totally)

Rule #2-broken. Have you been on an army base before?! Ummm....yeah. They are all wearing uniforms. I am not wearing a uniform I stand out...BIG TIME....but today I took those stupid cupcakes to Brett at his work. ...which brings me to rule #3....

Rule#3: Abigail doesn't like to do things that make her look stupid. Therefore she doesnt like to do things that she doesnt have all the information lined up before hand.
Reason: Obvious.

Rule#3-broken. Army buildings=all look the same. So, yes, I've been to Brett's workplace once before, but that time it was dark and I was with Brett and so I didnt really pay THAT much attention...so NO, I didnt really know where I was going...and while it SEEMED totally ok that i'd just "call brett when I got outside"...once I got there and there was tons of army dudes all milling around outside looking at me as I I tried to figure out where to position my car so I wouldnt get in the way of the big army trucks and the army dudes who were milling...all while being VERY aware that everyone was staring at me....I most definitely put myself into a situation that made me both stand out and look sorta silly.

So, I must admit that I wasnt happy when I saw Brett...and I basically handed him those lame cupcakes and drove away. Little does he know that I broke a LOT of my rules today....over stupid cupcakes.

Now I'm going to clean my apartment.


donnave said...

Just pretend that all those "army dudes" are wondering if you are single...because they probably are!!

Anonymous said...

i thought it was going to be that you ate them at first. that should have been the only rule you broke. ha!
-Katie S.