April 16, 2008


So, there was really only ONE way to make this week crazier....( I mean, come on...I've been busy from pretty much 6:30am straight until 5 every day...and Brett has gotten home from work around 6ish each night and after eating a quick bite, he's sat at the kitchen table working till TEN!!! BOOO ARMY!) Anyway, for whatever reason ( mostly because we're awesome friends) Brett and I are going with Wes to watch Soccer, China vs. Mexico at 8pm tonight-in Seattle. When people like us, you know people that get up at 4:30 and people that work all day and people that are already a little stressed and run down, when people like THAT decide to do something CRAZY like go to an international futball ( ha) match an hour away at 8pm at night...well, come on. Let's just remember that we ARE in our mid-twenties...we're suppose to do stupid stuff, right?!

*sigh* I'm worried about my poor husband, he's been extra stressed this week. He can't explain to me why this week is different from any other week, but I dont think he needs to...surely with the craziness that is the army it will eventually get to just about anyone, even calm, noncomplainy people like Brett.


Anonymous said...

Have fun at the soccer game!!! And I think that sleep is so overrated. ; )


Nam said...

Sleep IS overrated :-) I hope you have a great time, you chronic blogger!

Miss u heaps girl!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, a total of three other people also read the new blog. Im even contemplating moving over select readers while continuing to pretend to blog on the other one so that people I really could do without -- you know who I mean -- leave me alone for a while.



And as I crawled into my bed last night at 830 p.m. -- haha, yes I AM a loser! - I thought of you being one third of the way into the game. I heart sleeping. If I could do it for both of us, I totally would.