April 18, 2008

Good Work, Abigail.

I totally did all the things on my list of things to do. Granted I didn't do them all in the right order and there are still some dishes that are unwashed in the sink as we speak. But, I'm willing to let that go.


But, whatever the case I'm breaking my rule about leaving a perfectly clean house ( with empty trash cans and no dirty laundry) when I go out of town because I'm leaving Brett behind so technically someone still lives in the apartment....and therefore the rule is moot. Or "moo" as Joey would say.

Anyway, last night Brett and I went to the Mexico vs. China Futball game....along with about 50,000 Mexicans. Until now I really did not understand the whole "we've got an immigration problem"...but when you are in a GIANT stadium packed with people and NONE of them are speaking english and, oh yeah, you're in WASHINGTON which is NOT close to Mexico at all...well....I start to see the point. Either way I had a great time despite the fact we were stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS ( no lie) and missed all but the last ten minutes of the first half....I had a great time because A) Soccer is fun to watch live. B) It is kind of amazing to be a minority in your own country and C) Mexicans know how to party ( and yell and scream for a really long time).

I have pictures...really bad fuzzy pictures so I'll just describe them to you. First, I took pictures of mexicans that had broken down on the side of the road. Since we were driving at a snails pass it was easy to take pictures of them all....and it was kind of amazing to be on a highway that is 45 miles from where your headed and yet you already feel like you're one of the many fans traveling on said road to ONE location ( thus the horrible traffic jam.) I took pictures of the ONE chinese guy that I saw ( apparently not big soccer fans in chinese-america) I took a picture of the Mexican radio station we listened to in the car to get ourselves in the "spirit" ( we kept seeing bummer stickers for it so we just tuned in...) I took a picture of Brett talking on his cell phone about one of his soldiers who was also at the game and who had a little too much to drink and felt like taking his pants off....luckily, since it took us two more hours to arrive at the game the situation had already taken care of itself. It didnt seem right for Brett to have to take care of a drunken soldier just because he just so happened to pay to go see the same soccer match. I also took pictures from our nosebleed seats of the soccer players.....because there WAS soccer.

So, now, after a very long day I am going to conclude this blog with the promise of Texas-posts coming up after the weekend. I am sooooo excited about seeing my family and experiencing some Texas "spring" weather ( which is actually very similar to Washington "summer" weather) and going to church at Bethlehem Mission on Sunday. I am NOT excited about leaving Brett behind. I hate, hate, hate being anywhere without him. I mean, the army takes him away by force all the time so I'd rather not be away from him by choice ever. Boo.

Ending on a positive note: God has been incredibly gracious this week in so many ways. Ask and He will answer, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door WILL be opened....

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Sam said...

Hey, Abflex!

I was just playing some guitar just now, and I got all nostalgic for Dunedin - and you, for some weird (I mean, OBVIOUS!) reason.

Do you have Skype? I'd like to say "hi" some time, but I can't find you on it. You should get it. :)