April 14, 2008


Whew! I realized today while sitting at work ( which was impossibly slow and then impossibly busy, alternately) that this week is actually impossible. As in, there are just NOT enough days in the week to get all the things I want to get accomplished, accomplished.

Of course, this meant that I must plan each day until Friday up to the hour. I did so on the empty space at the top of a benedryl advertisement in this past sunday's newspaper. How delightful it is to plan ones days so well! Ahhhhh! I love lists so very much! Even if the plan is pretty much impossible! Its still so.... optimistic. And besides, what good use of the "sky" in an allergy medicine campaign!

All last week I refused to work out, even when...by thursday I felt well and truly recovered from my sinus infection ( besides the silly headache, that is.)...but NO! I was not ABOUT to run my body down and risk more sickness right before my glorious weekend in Texas! No-siree! And I didnt even sway when I was called pregnant ( i.e. fat) by a complete stranger. I was that dedicated to my "not getting sick plan"
But, this week I'm back, in fact, I was kinda bummed that I didnt have time to workout today ( actually, strike that, I did have time...but I realized too late that I'd let a friend borrow my car and therefore I couldnt drive to the gym...) but tomorrow I'm going...and I dont care how I feel I'm working out for an hour. So there.

( this is after just eating macaroni and cheese, two cookies and a strawberry shortcake...)

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