April 22, 2008

Don't call me...

No one really ever calls me that much anyway...so my plan of turning off my cell phone for much of the day in the hopes that it will not completely die by the time my charger arrives in the mail from my sister ( I left it in Texas. Silly.)

I feel like spending money on a new charger for a phone that I am checking Craigs list daily to replace is just NOT the way to go. blah. Anyway, the point is....if I dont respond to your text messages or phonecalls right away....it's not because I'm avoiding you. :-)

I'm soooo tired this morning, more tired than I was yesterday. I so need to catch up on my rest because this weekend is going to be CRAZY PILLS!! I am so excited about seeing my Emma and Lydia ( even if it IS only for two days *insert pout here*)...but I'm praying hard out for good weather so they can get a good impression of Washington, afterall, we all know that it can be beautiful if it wants to be.

Yesterday I re-organized my pantry. Sooooo satisfying! And I made Sesame Chicken and Rice with Spinach leaves....basically I made it up and it was totally yummy. Martha Stewart eat your heart out. Oh, wait! There's more, I then divided up all the leftovers into separate containers for Brett to take to work with him for the next three days. Yessss! House Wife101 victory!

In other news, I am currently the biggest fan of Flintstone Sour Gummy Vitamins....eating three equals your adult daily vitamin recommendation! SWWWWEEEEET ( literally).


Anonymous said...

I love you abigail! You make me laugh!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I forgot to put my name! Im sorry.


Anonymous said...


Love Esther