April 23, 2008

Out of control.

There are some things that are out of Brett's control. He can tell me to do one thing and I flatly refuse. So far I've only found one instance where this has happened:

Brett: I'm going to be home really, really late...after midnight. Don't wait up.

Abigail: I will wait up.

I pretty much refuse the option of going to sleep. I mean, years from now ( hopefully) I do not want to be sitting at home alone while Brett's off in Iraq thinking about all the many times I could have waited up to see his face even for a second but I went to bed instead. So, pretty much this is something I have control over. I will see my husband tonight.
So there.

And on that note I think I'm going to have to start wearing makeup ( dont start, Donnave! ) because my 25 year-old face does not take sleep deprivation with the same grace and dignity that my 20 year-old face did. Those bags under my eyes...yeah, they're not pretty...and while I think I get a few more coffee shop pity tips in the early morning hours the scare my reflection gives me when I see it in the bathroom mirror is just not worth it! hahah!

This evening I made dinner for Danielle. I find it a constant mixed blessing that there are so many amazing people in this community that it is not in my physical power to spend the time that I want with each one of them. In the past two weeks I have been absolutely delighted with my coffee dates/dinner dates with several girls I hardly get to see except in passing... maybe its a good thing that I'm starting a study on evangelism that promises that I'll learn how to "time manage" better because, for serious, I just know too many people I'd like to spend quality time with. ( FYI: this is the kind of problem one likes to have.)

I am now going to go take a shower and put up laundry, if I play my cards right I might be able to waste another hour waiting for Brett to come home *sigh*

Edit: I just read over this post and realized that I pretty much implied ( ok, I said it) that I was 25. This is a lie, I'm only 24...but for some odd reason I've been rounding up ever since I turned 24...something about needing to be a nice "neat tidy" age...eh. whatever. I'm weird.

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