April 13, 2008

Weekend of happy/sad

Friday:I got to talk to Carmi on the phone! Brett brought me roses ( probably because I was in such a nasty/bad mood over the cupcakes) he's a sweetie!
We ate pizza and watched half a movie before going to pick up our friends Ryan and Leah from the airport-they'd been in Hawaii and I tried not to be TOO jealous!

Saturday: It was sunny! It was close to 70 degrees! It was glorious!! The day was spent out of doors as much as possible...Brett played frisbee golf and I hung out with Katie doing bible study on a blanket in the park ( absolutely perfect!) . Said goodbye to John who left for Iraq last night...its hard to believe that so many of the guys I've gotten to know and respect over the last six months or so have either already left or will soon....Daniel, Seth, Tim and now John. I hope I never forget to pray for each of them!

Saturday night: I hung out with four other officers wives who I've gotten to know through their husbands and through brigade coffees. It ended up going so much better than I thought it would. I really like them all so much and I want to stand for Truth while showing them as much Love as possible, sometimes it is a fine line that we tread! But, over wine and pizza their were actually some semi-productive discussions of the bible and faith! So many prayers were definitely answered!

I am currently fighting a vicious headache which I've had quite literally off in on for almost a week. Its driving me crazy. I think its connected to my sinus infection ( which is hopefully gone)...but eh. How do you get rid of such a headache?!
Anyway, I'm trying to just ignore it, since for now, it seems to be just at the back of my mind and hasnt pushed itself into impeding upon my life. This week is going to be a busy busy one....I've got a coffee date with Gen on monday, which I'm very excited about. She's been on my heart for weeks now and I've been praying that God would give me a chance to meet with her one on one on a weekly basis and she's agreed!! And I'm having a lunch date with Courtney on Tuesday, which I'm also excited about. Courtney moved here several months ago and I'm just NOW having a chance to really talk to her...so I'm looking forward to that too!! And then, of course, along with all my normal weekly activities I also have the joy of looking forward to Friday when I'm flying to Texas for a whirlwind weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday....I must apologize that I havent brought it up on my blog really before...mostly because its sorta on the Down Low. With such limited time ( only one full day) in texas and yet so many people I'd potentially want to see....I pretty much had to decide to just focus on the woman of the hour. Anna's turning 30!!!! How exciting! And I'm going to be there to help her party hearty! :-) I can't tell you how excited about it I am....Ask anyone, my sister's happiness is high up there on my priorities and i think this trip is coming at JUST the right time!
The only sad point about the weekend trip to texas, is that Brett isn't coming with me...this'll be the first time I've ever left him ( he's forever leaving me...stupid army)...but I've gotta tell you, I'm not a fan of not being with my husband if its at all possible :-(


Carina said...

Still working on doing something stupid/inappropriate before Anna's birthday. Unfortunately they have to be unintentional I believe, not premeditated, so we'll see how it goes. And I hope your headache gets better...seriously I don't know how you handle so much sickness/pain...

Amy said...

we left church yesterday before the loud singing. my headache got better during the day but as of the morning, every time he raised his voice i was like "ow. be quiet." ugh i havent had a headache like that in a long time.
all that to say... i feel your pain.