April 23, 2008

rumor mill turns into a truth mill

The army is full of rumors....I think this is mostly because there is so little ACTUAL information one gets pretty tired of not knowing anything and therefore "speculations" start to become more and more desirable. Anyway, because of this fact, the fact that from time to time you hear rumblings that Brett's Unit will be deployed sooner, later, never...you start to ignore all sorts of things....

And then Brett gets home at 12:30am and kneels down beside you with his ultra serious face that never fails to make me think that someone has died.....

Basically, Brett has gotten an email informing him that he is getting new orders. That's right, new orders. He was given several "choices"....be deployed ( and he can "pick" whether to Iraq or Afghanistan) or go to the Captain Training Course in Georgia...of course, we all know that "getting to choose" just gives one the allusion that someone cares at all what you want or how you feel, especially since Brett doesnt seem to be that thrilled with going anywhere, leaving his platoon...all the guys he's gotten to know...and while the two choices make a difference in what *I* will be doing they pretty much just mean goodbyes for Brett.

Of course, the really fabulous part is the not knowing. The fact that Brett could have to wait around for months before knowing what has been decided, waiting in limbo to find out ones fate. Our fate.

I also have several conjectures ( but they are all pretty improbable) I can also share with you, such as Brett might get to stay in his company if his CO is able to get his way...and he might not have to go overseas and get the training course instead-but that is very slim since he's been in the army for three years and has yet to be deployed.
So, that's the news. One thing is definitely for sure- our lives are about to be changed again.
It comes as a shock to me. Not that it should, in some ways in recent weeks I feel like I've been preparing for this...you know, like the whole crying thing on Sunday night. It seems a lot more justified now.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Rom. 8:28


Anonymous said...

im going to chain you to a tree and then you cant leave. so there.

Paul James said...

My dad told me that after he and my mother got married in Korea that he was being transferred to Italy and they told him that he would have to leave her in Korea and they would fly her out "later". He flat out said no and kept saying no until they changed their minds and let her go too (which I am grateful for haha). Sometimes the Army just needs a little persuading, and a stern talking to.

Buuut, I'd take Georgia + Captain over Iraq/Afghanistan any day!

Carina said...

I almost cried when I started reading this because I thought you were going to say he's definitely leaving like really soon...but then it became maybe leaving reasonably soon which is marginally better so yeah...I will be praying for you and let me know how things progress............


Anonymous said...

hey sweety. ill be thinking about you... hope its georgia.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I guess there's no real way to prepare for such a shock (even if you know it may come at any moment). You and Brett are in my prayers.

Actually, I just google-mapped the route from Baton Rouge to Atlanta (where I guess the army base is), and the drive is, like, 7.5 hours. Who knew??? Haha, I thought it would be closer...but that's not too terribly far, I guess, considering that you live in Washington. ;)