May 08, 2008

Pride, or something

This week is some sort of special "week" at Fort Lewis, basically lots of competitions and showing off of skills-its made for some crazy schedules for everyone. And today *I* get to go for a BBQ at Brett's company. So I'm trying to put on my "pretty wife face"...but I just had a customer tell me that I looked "tired" so I'm thinking the two seconds I took to put on mascara was a total waste. Blah.
It's also cold so I need more clothes if I'm going to be all "picnic-y" this afternoon...

In other news, I thought I'd remind you of the important issues at hand-especially since time is very quickly going by and soon time will be up...I'm starting to get a clearer mind of what's coming in the next six months or so...basically it came from something lydia said to me while she was visiting and I feel like it was very wise:

"I think whatever job you decide to do while Brett's gone-you should make sure it contributes to your overall goals for your life. For instance, your job as a barista has taught you more about being hospitable and serving which will further contribute to you and Brett's desire to have a home that is open to people that you can minister to..."

Anyway, I've taken this piece of advice one step further and using it in helping me decide where to live-and I'm getting kind of excited about a few prospects for next year....there are definitely some things I could do that might just help ME to get better prepared for our future-things that I feel Brett has already experienced to some degree....Anyway, I know I'm being cryptic-but we're still in the praying stage, but I just wanted to share the fact that I feel encouraged that the heaven's have not been as silent and shut as I thought they might be ;-) show's my little faith doesnt it?! hehehe


donnave said...

It is nice when we feel God's leading. Wish it happened more often...but, He is still faithful. Love you, Abbey.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are pressing on! I will keep praying for you.


Emily said...

yay! Abigail that is so great! So I have to be honest... i am secretly (opps guess its not such a secret anymore ;) ) praying that Nacogdoches or at least Texas is not out of the picture. I cant wait to see you guys this summer!

I will be praying for you this week that you can put on your happy face! :)

Love ya both!