May 27, 2008

Fragile: Handle with Care

So, sometimes I really, really hate myself. And before you get all bent out of shape over that statement...let me explain. Today I woke up with this familiar twinge in my side...not the "Im-going-to-die-unless-I-get-serious-drugs-soon" kinda pain...but the definite Not-Happy kind...the kind that I'd been feeling for about a week leading up to the kidney stone incident. To say the least, I was not having a good morning-but THEN....

I'm standing at work, about to text brett a reminder about a task I needed him to do for me ( call the bank please!) and as I'm holding my phone, it rings...

Me: "Hello?"
Person: "Hi! This is Doctor Russian Name, I am a Urologist here at Madigan and I'm calling in regards to your visit to the emergency room several weeks ago. How is your kidney stone?"
Me: "Funny you should call, because actually while my right side seems to be back to normal, my LEFT side is feeling kind of suspect today!"
Doctor Russian Name: Oh, that's because you have a stone on that side too...


But, at least i know I'm not a making it up-which some times I worry that I am. ( you never know...crazy people never know they are crazy, right?)

And isnt it all good of God to have the nice russian doctor call me today? I feel much better now that I'm going to have another CT taken....until then I'm back on the tried and true Abigail Lifestyle of drinking water and peeing.

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S.P. said...

Oh! I'm so sorry Abigail! I pray it all works it's way out with NO PAIN!