May 29, 2008

other things to talk about.

so, i could totally tell you more about my sickly woes. but, they're annoying and there isnt too much I know for instead we'll talk about more interesting things like the weird dream I had last night:

It seems Brett and I decided to throw a second wedding, I kept getting lost, I was really hot, my wedding dress didnt fit, all the bridesmaids left without telling me to go buy ugly clashing red bowling bags, Emma's face swelled up because she was nervous and so I was afraid she wasnt going to walk down the aisle, everyone walked down the wrong aisle ( it was one of those three aisled churches) and then I couldnt seem to stand next to Brett....

it was weird.

In other news today I'm making muffins...chocolate muffins....with chili pepper in them. I'm excited. I'm also excited about the muffins Amy is making ( same basic muffin, different added ingredient) and I'm pretty sure the added espresso is going to be better than the chili...but whatever, its not a competition...or IS it? ;-)

I am also hopefully talking to Lydia today-especially since we havent talked since she visited MONTHS ago and since she's most likely moving to Seattle next year and so there's tons to talk about :-)

I'm also going to hopefully take care of the Stroud kids this afternoon before bible study since its Andrew's birthday today and I figure they deserve a grownup meal with some friends of theirs who are coming into town, without having four children to worry about the whole time.

Right now I'm drinking a reeeeeally yummy latte. I'm going to be so sad when I can't make myself a free drink every day. *sigh* this job has really been so great. I am thinking about researching home espresso machines with the steam wand and would definitely be a fun thing to have in my house! I could make people anything they wanted! I think it would definitely add to the "house ministry" ;-) hehehe...I know I'd feel more welcome in my house if I could order a double tall latte.


Amy said...

totally is a contest. ;-).
just kidding. im looking forwad to yours, too. man, these espresso ones are really tasty, though. the espresso taste isnt strong, but it adds that something that was missing ...

Friday said...

Haha, i was being stalker-esque to you at lunch and reading your blog without commenting. But your fb wall post has made me see the error of my ways. :)

Lovely post, btw.

I am actually in the process of picking an apartment in Fort Worth. I have been living in Cleburne for the past year, and let me just say that Donnave has been instrumental in keeping me sane.

Well, i shall finish this novella comment by saying that i think of you and Brett often...if you know what i mean. :)

Lyds said...

Correction, Lydia might be moving to Seattle THIS YEAR =)