May 07, 2008

Somebody shoot me. I dont feel good....But, I'm thinking my flintstone vitamins have been working-since its definitely been at LEAST a month since I've been to the doctor. :-P

In other news, I think it is only natural that I leave washington soon...I mean, afterall my last year in New Zealand I had to have a social calendar around my neck to keep track of my "coffee" dates...and then when I left Texas the second time it was quite similar...and this week I've got FIVE girl dates. sweet. But apparently too good to last. Looks like its time for me to head back into "I've got no friends" category. Although, Brett reminded me this morning during our prayer time how just a few months ago we were praying for God to give me some good girl friends so God HAS answered prayers and I'm sure he'll do it again. :-)

Went and saw Iron Man last night-Totally fun, enjoyed it completely. Recommend it for everyone. And I've got to say after a good 9 years of the Comic Book Movie Craze, I'm still on board.


Anonymous said...

I miss tou. :(


Anonymous said...

i feel ya.

also, you need to title your posts or it doesnt show up on my rss feed. i only knew that you blogged because i SAW you. so you know, titles!

Anonymous said...

Abigail . . . how DARE you say you will EVER be in the "I've got no friends" category when you know its not true . . . ;)

Love Ya!