July 17, 2008

attitude adjustment hour

So, even though Brett was going off in the early morning hours to do "important things" and I even knew deep down that he really was doing things that needed to be done ( i.e. turn in equipment, follow paper trails down rabbit holes etc. etc.) so that we could leave Washington....I was left for 12 hours alone in our messy apartment, packing and lets just say things didn't bode well for Brett in this scenario. Not only did I start hating all of our possessions, I started taking things really personally:
Abigail comes upon three years worth of incredibly oversized TCU year books, each one weighs about fifty tons, inside our entertainment center. Abigail's first thought is, "Who needs yearbooks anyway?! Brett NEVER looks at these, ever! Look!!! They've got dust all over them..."
Then Abigail thinks better of the original idea of throwing the books away but she starts to feel that Brett went to TCU on purpose just to receive these gianormous yearbooks so that one day his little teeny tiny ( I gained like five pounds over last weeks "celebration time" so I'm trying to make myself feel better) wife would have to find a way to pack them!

This general idea that Brett is somehow trying to sabotage my packing process is solidified with three over-stuffed accordion folders full of miscellaneous papers that actually included not only papers that he wrote in college ( worth keeping) but also very, very, old junk mail ( you have been pre-approved to have your very own American Express Card!!!!!) and scraps of paper with the game score of some game that Brett and his roommates played in college ( oh yes. you heard me.)...so by the time Brett gets home at 6pm I've totally forgotten why he left the house in the first place and I cannot recall for the LIFE of me why it was so important for him to be gone 12 hours....so yes, being married to me for a year and two days....poor brett, indeed.

Annnnyway, why think about yesterday? When today I've got a closet and two sets of drawers to go through, pack and organize into three distinct piles: Texas for three weeks, Kansas for three months and Abigail's clothes for a year waiting for Brett to come back from Afghanistan....

But, today is going to be much better...for one thing I've started with a quiet time ( and let's not lie, this is the only way to start the day....on any day...but especially days that include packing. ) and I'm going to go for a run -which I havent done in a week ( eee!)...and I'm POSSIBLY going to finally give into all of Amy's comments and stop by the coffee shop ( especially if it means I get a muffin!) ....So here's to a better day.

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Paul James said...

You are going to write a great book someday -- this will be a really good chapter! :-)