July 17, 2008


It is not cool to just buy more books or movies just because you think you might watch/read them again....or at some point will want to have said movie/book around! Because seriously, after you pack up 264 DVDS ( that's right...of course a lot of those are TV shows, which means more disks...but STILL!) and TWENTY boxes of books you start to think that MAYBE you've gone a tad over the top...
Of course, it was telling that Brett and my favorite places to go on any vacation, weekend afternoon or evening that we had free...where bookstores. Well, that should have been my clue.
We've got a problem. And the fact that I put Brett on a book buying fast about a month ago makes me think now that I was wrong...I should have done it a lot lot earlier.

In other news, I just realized that pretty much every second until we leave for Texas needs to be filled with me hardcore packing, so if this means that I neglect you in any way shape or form in the next five days, don't take it personally....blame the books.


Anonymous said...

but you HAVE to stop by work today for a strawberry chai muffin

Hooliganyouth said...

LOL - I know what you mean about moving 20 boxes of books. My fiancee and I just moved to Nac along with nearly 30 boxes.