August 26, 2008

For lack of a better word

So, kids yesterday I told you things you should do. And today. Well, today I once again have nothing of substance to share with you. And because Amy mentioned it, and because I haven't done it in a long time...a list of things that make me happy right now:

1. Emails. I pretty much live for them right now.
2. Mail. I'm actually waiting for something other than a letter from my sister and netflix to arrive in the mail so that I can take it to the library as proof of an address so I can get a library card...but that's another story.
3. Wii Fit. Yesterday I worked up a good little sweat and my abs actually hurt from hoola-hooping up a storm. That's right. Hoolahoop.
4. Special K's new protein water. Who knew it would have so much fiber? So much protein? Such nice Kiwi Strawberry taste? How can this be a bad thing?! ( please don't tell me if it is...because I have so few happy things right now, don't burst my bubble. )
5. Heroes Season 2. I mean, I technically havent seen it yet, but it did come out on DVD today...and Brett doesnt have to be at work till 1900 and therefore I get to lay on the couch with him all day. Yay!
6. Laying on the couch with Brett. Pretty much doing anything with Brett right now is a gift.
7. my $17 pink sunglasses from Target. I thought I lost them a week after I bought them....months ago. And then I found them in a small pocket in one of my purses! YAY!
8. The Hills. There is nothing quite so bad on television...yet the shallowness of the girls on the Hills makes me feel so much better about myself. Thanks Television, you've done it again.
9. MP3 Sermons ...honestly, technology is sooo wonderful. Bethlehem Mission podcasts, Navigator talks on CD....we're rolling it good stuff over here!
10. Sleep. I've been getting about 10 hours of sleep on average these days. Sleeping is wonderful.

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