August 25, 2008

Things you should do.

You should definitely watch John Adams. I mean, really you should all read the book by David McCullough ( its really long, however. But totally worth it.). But if you don't have that kinda time then totally watch this. I was once again inspired by the smarts, morals and hard ( workaholic) work that made the United States into a country. I was also inspired by Abigail Adams ( not just because she's got a great first name). Who ran a farm, brought up four children, all during war times....all without her husband. Girl Power! hahaha. Anyway, she's an inspiration to be sure, and its also inspiring how much her husband relied on her and cared immensely for her opinion. Good stuff.

You should definitely re-watch Lord of the Rings: Return of the King and Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and look for Bret McKenzie of current Flight of the Concord fame. I had NO idea that the guy from those crazy Lord of the Ring fan clubs back in the day was the SAME person! hahaha! Brett ( no relation) and I were watching LotR:RotK on Friday and low and behold there he was, all clean shaven and blonde! Awesome. I love how NZ has so few actors...( just kidding).

You should definitely try this toast I'm eating...its like an inch thick. Awesome. I also think it only cost like a dollar which is equally awesome.

You should go and buy Heros: Season 2 tomorrow. Brett and I are so excited about this. Its been a horrible danger to watch the olympics because they are constantly advertising Hero's season 3 and we have to quickly change the channel to not give anything away. TV is like a giant landmine.

You should join the nearest Navigator's ministry, especially if you are in the military. Yesterday we met with our one contact from the Navs here at Fort Riley. It was so refreshing to talk to someone of like mind and also to talk to someone who knows so many people we know! As you know, military people travel a. lot. so you quickly learn to appreciate the common bond of Christ. So go find the nearest ministry near you and get some bible study on!

You should not move to Kansas for its social services. Post offices, libraries, public pools, parks...they are all sadly lacking. I'm terribly disappointed in you KS, I really am.


Amy said...

I'm totally inspired by this post ... to write one of my own, haha. I used to write posts that were a list of my favorite things at that moment, and they were, so a things you should post would fit in nicely.

A few thoughts:
1. told ya so about John Adams
2 and 4. will probably do these pronto as we just got rid of the cable, at loooong last
3. I cant eat toast right now because I just had a root canal -- yes, the dreaded thing finally had to happen. But yay!! because of ahem other reasons they are going to wait to fill the other questionable teeth until ... a few months from now.
5. done
6. will take note

Janis said...

John Adams (along with Abigail) has long been one of my favorite presidents! I love McCullough's bio, and totally agree with what I heard him say in a TV interview that it is unbelievable that we have not honored this president in any way: no monument, his face is on no money, etc. BUT have you read Irving Stone's THOSE WHO LOVE, his fictionalized bio of John & Abigail's marriage? It is one of my all time favorite books. Because they wrote so many letters, we can know so much about their lives. Check it out!
I was not that happy with the mini series because it portrayed J in a very negative light. Uncle Mike, who has yet to read my above mentioned books, came away thinking J A was awful, mean, constantly depressed, etc. I just kept telling him, you're not getting the whole story; read McCullough! Oh well,

Bing said...

Ouch... bad (but true) call about the lack of NZ acting depth. Speaking of which, I just watched a really cool NZ film called 'No.2' albeit that it had Ruby Dee (an African-american) and Pio Terei (a Maori) playing fijians.