September 14, 2008

Annoying: technology

So, after getting a comment that someone couldn't be a "follower" of my blog I went on a search of what in the world that even meant, and low and behold it turns out Blogger has been making all these changes behind my back. I've been going happily about my blogging day and they've just been "adding exciting new advancements" like after doing some reading it turns out my template was not "up to date" and for me to add things like "Follower" buttons, than I'd have to change my template. But, no worries ( ha!), according to Blogger they were going to make changing my template "super easy" off I went, discarding my old template, getting one of their horribly generic templates, and THEN I set about trying to make their lame-o template into something that reflects me. Weeeelllllll, turns out, unlike the OLD templates, these NEW ones are a LOT harder for Abigail ( self-taught html reader that I am) to read! BOO!

So, that's why my blog looked terrible... with its two-color, color sceme and the weird line that ran through the middle of the title without any way of me getting rid of it...whatever.
In other news, after ALL turns out that if a person WANTED to add me to their "follower" page, than all they had to do is type in the HTML on their ADD section and there it would be. No button necessary. Ahhhhh! Well, serves me right for jumping in head first.
So, I went back to my 'classic template'. I am apparently not cool enough to have an exciting-up-to-date blog.

I hate change. I also hate the new facebook too. What was wrong with the old one?!?


donnave said...

I will say that the new FAcebook does some squirrelly things like sending you out of an application while you are using it; BUT, for those of us who are not terribly computer-literate, it is much simpler to navigate and simpler to find what you would like to navigate to (I know, a preposition!).

Katie said...

oh. sorry you did all that work for nothing! well, im officially FOLLOWING YOU. watch out! haha... but seriously, now i can make sure i dont miss a thing. woowoo.