September 15, 2008

No Prob Bob.

Of course, it must be noted after my last post that it is NOT Katie's fault that I stink at all things internet. One day I will catch up with all those crazy kids who can text and drive at the same time and all that jazz, but till then everyone will just have to love me for my faults, k? ok.

Annnnyway, it is a pretty much beautiful day in Kansas. Bet you didn't think that sentence would ever come out of my mouth!?! hahaha! But, it IS! And its mostly because I love fall weather. As long as its sunny fall weather and its in the high 60s.

I'm currently procrastinating going on my run. Even though its beautiful outside I'm also a very lazy person.

This morning I went to Hastings ( yes, Kansas has them too...and its just as terrible here.) and read the second Twilight book ( good guessing, Josh). And I'm going to use common sense and stop while I'm ahead and NOT read the third and fourth book in the series. Here's one of the obvious reasons why Abigail would hate these books:
The author references Romeo and Juliet as a parallel of Edward and Bella's love ( the main characters) throughout the books. Um yeah. Who hates Romeo and Juliet's story?! That's right! I do!!
There is nothing worse then melodramatic teen love that ruins lives in their own self-indulgent fashion.

Anyway, apparently I'm more of an adult than I thought-since I can no longer love the things that teenage girls love.

Of course, I'm not too much of an adult, since last night Brett and I bought Eagle vs. Shark for ONE DOLLAR at the supermarket! YESSSS! We couldn't even find this movie ( its a NZ movie, granted..but still!) at Blockbuster, and here it was for uno dollar next to the deli section in the grocery store! It was a dream come true! Anyway, the movie was weird, but it was also funny...and it has the guy from The Flight of the Conchords in it so that was a it was in NZ and therefore made me all nostalgic for my second homeland :-(

I just re-read the above paragraph and realized I gave you no real reason to think I wasn't an adult. Adults buy DVDs too.

In other news, Brett and I had a good weekend together. Lots of good conversation. Lots of eating. Lots of lounging around. You know all the good stuff. I cannot tell you how delightful this time in Kansas has been for Brett and I- I mean, yes, I'm left by myself for most of the day doing next to nothing, but its a small price to pay to have time alone with Brett before he leaves...
We have also been informed that he could get up to two weeks ( don't hold your breath) of time off before he deploys. So, of course, as I say that I'm trying HARD not to get my hopes up. It would be nice though, since I'm thinking I'll need to drive the Prius back to Washington BEFORE I go to China instead of after because of all the snow and winter-y driving that I'd have to do if I waited until later to do maybe just maybe Brett could drive with last road trip before he goes?!?
Is that too much to ask?!


Silly Abigail. You'd think by now I'd learn not to make plans.

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