September 30, 2008

brains before beauty

So, yesterday I ran my fingers through my hair ( hey, I brushed it on Sunday! That's enough!!) and I put on eye-liner and mascara and I went and got a new passport picture.

And can I just say, without sounding too vain, that I absolutely look better than my 18 year-old passport picture! YESSS!

Of course, I can't seem to figure out the passport-renewal form at all, so apparently my brain HAS suffered in the past 6 years. Ahhh well, beauty before brains. Or something.

So, I know I've been a terribly blogger lately. But, I honestly had nothing new/original to say. And while you may be thinking, "That hasn't stopped you before, Abigail". And while that may be true. I've also had a perpetual headache for days, that has made staring at a computer screen seem like a terrible idea.
Which brings me to my prayer request:

I never actually switched my medical care to Kansas because...1. It was too much trouble. and 2. It was going to take weeks to switch over and I'm only here for a short time and 3. I never get sick ( HAHAHAHAHA! Just kidding, I'm just lazy...)

Annnnyway, long story short, now its REALLY too late to switch my medical care, because I'll probably only be here for three more weeks. Soooo, I'd just like my headaches to go away for the time being. That would be really really nice.

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