October 01, 2008

Dude, its October!

I realized with a sudden feeling of panic, that its officially October! This basically means "get ready for the crazy!"

This weekend trying to hit up the OZ Museum (because if you don't go to a wizard of oz museum when you're in Kansas, when ELSE are you gonna go!?!), next weekend spending the long weekend ( yes, ironically Brett did not get Labor Day off, but Columbus Day?! heck yes! That's something worth celebrating...*rolls eyes*) in Kansas City bumming around. Then Brett leaves sometime around the next weekend to go to California for the end of his training, and I either, A. stay in Kansas to 'save money'. B. go to Texas for a visit. or C. go to Washington for a visit and a visit to the doctor for my migraine-action.
And then...we're already at the last weekend in October, which is officially the end of Brett's training-and after that....well....he'll be ready to leave whenever they want him to leave, and that fact is REALLY hard to sink through my little head.

I think going to PWOC bible study has been really good for me, though. I am literally surrounded by women who's husbands are deployed, who's husbands have been deployed and who's husbands are about to be deployed...and they're all amazingly well-held-together...oh, and did I mention that on average they have three children all under the age of 9!? Yup. So, its been very inspiring to be around these women, to see that my situation is not new, or different, or even that special ( I have zero children, much to everyones dismay.)-good preparation for the future!

Now I'm off to do meals on wheels. I got a new day, so now I do it THREE days a week instead of TWO! Woo Hoo!

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