September 17, 2008

I shop at Dillards now!

It turns out that when I'm bored and feeling fat ( as in not happy with how I look in any of my clothes) I like to go shopping in the middle of the day**....however, I will say that when you go shopping at 11:30am on a Wednesday you'll realize that you're spoiled. Because the only other people shopping at that time ( broad generalization here...) are Rich People Wives. Women that have money but obviously don't work....

And just so you know...I am NOT one of those women. I just don't work.
Luckily, the Manhattan mall is MUCH to be desired....there are lots of empty shops alternating with shops like Claires and Wet Seal and other teenage trash stores where I don't fit in their street-walker clothes. This is lucky because that means I don't spend as much money. I'm basically left with an under-stocked Gap and Dillards. *sigh*

** Oh, and I know it makes no sense to go shopping when you're feeling fat because then you have to look at yourself in the mirror and you have to get bigger sizes...but I bet you didn't get the memo about over-sized cardigans being in style this fall...well, they ARE and they cover up fat-rolls really well!!! Problem solved!

Annnyway, I forgot to tell you about PWOC ( or as Amy would have me to say: "Pee-Wok" ) yesterday! It was one of those totally intense planned-by-a-no-longer-teaching-elementary-education-teachers events.
You know the kind, themes rule the day: Everyone divided up in groups according to their nametags picture...placed with a "conductor" ( dressed up in cute matchy-matchy train conductor outfits complete with whistle) and then each "train" went around to different "locations" where we learned about each of the bible studies being offered this year ( I was actually told to "stand in a line against the wall at one point-something I havent been told to do, quite literally SINCE elementary school!) ....while ALL at the SAME TIME we also were given different ice-cream sunday toppings at each "train stop" and then at the end we were given the icecream so we could eat our "upside down sundays" while we signed up for the study we wanted to do.

Yeah. I may or may not have made fun of myself for being a part of such shenanigans throughout the whole two hours.

So, amongst all the "fun" and "food" I almost forgot I was at a bible study...but seriously, I did end up signing up for a video study done by Ray Vanderlaan on Israel and the Holy Land. I think its going to be a good choice for me since 1. I will only be here for part of the study, so better to not get involved in a more intense study. 2. I really like Ray Vanderlaan. Brett and I have listened to quite a few of his teachings and I really respect him as a teacher. 3. This group will also be used for the "intro group" for any women who might come to PWOC in the middle of the year, so I'll be able be part of a non-offical welcoming committee! Which I'm totally down with!


Amy said...

Hey, with Brett off to war you and I can take part in one of my most favorite new things to do -- what Holly and I call "Moose meetings" .. this is when we go to the cheap theater on post and watch not great movies prefaced by that hilarious National Anthem video, where a lovely looking moose makes something of an appearence. It's suppposed to make you feel patriotic but really it makes me just laugh. Anyway the point is, you may join the Moose Committee, come to Moose Meetings, and watch semi awful movies for very small ammounts of money. What do you say? Next Moose Meeting is this weekend. We are either seeing Traveling Pants 2 or Pineapple Express ... seriously.

Cheryl said...

If you go to your blogger dashboard and sign in then go to layout and click on it. Then go to add element or whatever it says and scroll thru that, it has an application that you can add for putting up current books, etc. that you are reading. It is fairly simple. You can add it to the side or bottom of your blog. Hope this helps