September 16, 2008

seeing red.

Not what you think! Brett and I just finished watching The Red Violin. I'd seen it years ago, but thought it needed a re-watching, especially since Brett had never seen it before. Totally great story, beautiful out for the nudity though. ;-)

Annnnyway, I suppose I should start giving my reviews with some sort of a warning attached after that last comment about Twilight... obviously some people are not going to agree with my opinions on books and movies hehehe...although, I can't say I was surprised that it was this particular book that brought out the seems that those who love the books REALLY love them and those who don't ( me, anyway) have pretty strong feelings about it too! Leila, I do appreciate your comment nonetheless and I'm happy to hear that, at least of what you have read of my blog so far, that was the worst...nice to know what my lowest low looks like to at least one of my readers ;-)
Oh, and I probably will go see Twilight when it hits the movies...afterall, by then Brett will be off fighting a war...I might as well fill my time with things like bad teen dramas, what else will I have to do?!? hehehe.

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Sam said...

Hey kid,

I was just watching telly and an ad for Mallowpuffs came on. A cute 7 year old boy was talking about how he ate them, and bashed it into his forehead. Then he said 'ow'.

Made me think of you. :)