September 15, 2008

On that note...

So, to continue the theme of the last few posts...bemoaning my lack of competence in the way of my blog...I REALLY wish I could re-work this blog so I could have a little section over on the side where all of you could easily see all the movies and books I've been reviewing for your general knowledge over the past few weeks, I KNOW all of you would love it! But, too bad...I don't know how...

Hey! Paul, ( do you still read this blog)since you're all unemployed right now-what's your hourly rate to give me a new blog?! Seriously! I just thought of this....I'll give you a wish list of how I want it to look, you'll make it happen, I'll pay you the big bucks...whadda ya say?!?

*ahem* I should have probably emailed him, since he hasn't seemed to be around my blog in a while and the rest of you probably didn't need to read that shameless plea...but where were we?!

Oh yes! Reviewing!!!

Ok, so to book news:
I hated Twilight by Stephanie Meyer.
I also hated ( just a little less) New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. The characters are annoying. The plot is mostly girl going on and ON about how much she loves a certain vampire. The action is minimal and the stories are terribly guessable. Big fat ZERO in Abigail's book.

In Book news:
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a day: I watched this when Brett wasn't able to come home at all on Friday night. Its the perfect, feel good girl movie. It was adorable and light-hearted. Amy Adams continues to be so charming...but was very similar to the character she played in Enchanted, so there's that. Anyway,if you're looking for a good "girls night in" movie this one is perfect!

Forbidden Kingdom: Ummm...Ok, so obviously this movie was picked not for my benefit but for Brett's- who's been dying to see it for ages. Anyway, you should probably ask him for his review since it is entirely different from mine ( I know this because we discussed it in full...)...but this is my blog so let me just say that *I* knitted the whole time and was entirely "whelmed" by the experience. ( not over or under). Basically the plot ( for me, anyway) was entirely too close to The Karate Kid, and while the Kung Fu was very good ( both Jackie Chan AND Jet Li?! It's bound to be!)....I felt like the plot could have been a bit better. Ah well! To each his own! So if you wanna see to Kung Fu legends go at it for a full-length feature, you should go get this movie. You will not be disappointed.

Eagle vs. Shark:
This movie is what I call a "celebration of awkward"...if you are not down with socially weird you probably won't like this movie, but if you like off-beat comedy than this movies if for you. Of course, being a person who DOES like such movies,I will say I wasn't totally into how mean the main character Jarrod was to those around him....I never felt like it was justified enough....but maybe that's just me.

OK! That's it for today...


Amy said...

im commenting on the last post on this post because thats how i roll.
as far as making plans or not making plans goes ... im coming down firmly on the "make them with caution" side verses the "utter hopelessness" side of things. i mean, if i make them knowing it may not happen, that feels better than just assuming that ill be miserable and alone.
in other news, i full on sat on my couch and cried last night because the majority of my pants no longer fit, and this isnt just a dont fit in the stomach thing, its a too tight other places thing. as in, can we really blame this on the child ...(although Im sure we could blame it on "eating for two")

just lei said...

that is the most awful thing you've ever posted. ( assuming since i havent read ALL of your posts) any case, i thought twilight was amazing! i will agree though that new moon was a lot less annoying than twilight AND i highly recommend you avoid eclipse. If you hated twilight for its...girlish theme about chasing her vampire..then you'll prbly not appreciate the last one. im a huge fan and i thought the first two was better.....!! haha are you going to watch the movie though?