November 05, 2008

lack of balance

Well, good morning folks!

This morning I woke up to the knowledge that this would be Brett's last day with me. ( or so they say) before he leaves for a year of duty in Afghanistan.

Let's just say that my earlier "good" morning was a bit of a stretch. ;-)

However, since Brett is at work today doing all his last minute preparations (or whatever they do there). I took this opportunity to send a card to my cousin Emily and her family...she is still in critical condition and my heart cries out for her constantly. Anyway, I was looking through Amy Carmichael's Mountain Breezes, to find some encouraging words to send to them and ended up being buoyed myself.
Words of Truth never fail to bring us back to the REAL balance of life!
You cannot afford to miss a day with your King.

I also found facebook annoying today...everyone all riled up over politics. Stop whining and go read Psalms 27.


Amy said...

and, you know, go read that email again. you know what spell check is for? making people who cant spell look smart. USE IT!

Carina said...

In New Zealand everyone is really happy about Obama winning. All positive Facebook statuses. Anyway, I'm thinking of you. Love you lots.

Lindsay O. said...

Hey Abigail, just wanted to let you know that you and Brett are (and will be!) in my thoughts and prayers today. I know our heavenly Father will be very near to you today.
love and blessings,
Lindsay O'Connor