December 02, 2008


Sorry about yesterday and my disgruntled post....its really weird how over the top I can get about little things-well, not little things...mostly just things that have to do with my communication with Brett. There is so little I feel I can do for him that I get really OVER THE TOP about the little that I can. ahhhhh weelllll....I always said this blog would show you the whole picture of me...that includes the mini-tiads.

So, yesterday I was really productive in the end, even with all the annoying people getting in my way, and I ended the day with a freezing cold three mile run with my sister ( honestly, my legs turned into bright red icicles, followed by with dinner and hot tea with Christa and then Messiah rehearsals, followed by a mini-reunion with my Bible Study girls from back in 2004-2006 ( all of us are doing the Messiah together! such fun!) which was interrupted by a much anticipated phone call from Brett ( see more about him at the bottom of this email)....then I went home and watched Hors de prix ( Priceless), a fantastic little French movie...Honestly, go watch this! Audrey Tautou is still beyond adorable to watch....all in all, good ending to a day. :-)

Brett news: He is back from their time out evaluating a A-stan army brigade. Brett was the humvee driver for most of the trip so he didn't get to 'get out and do much' for much of the trip, but he said he felt like it was a good experience for his team to see what they're going to be up against once the team they're replacing leaves....he also said he was going to try to go to a Bible Study this evening ( its probably over with by now!) and so I'm looking forward to hearing how that went! Its weird, but after talking to him I always forget almost everything he says...I am just SO EXCITED to be talking to him during the conversation that I'm not taking notes like I should ;-) Hopefully this is something I will get better at as time goes on....

In other news: I booked by tickets back to Washington yesterday, looks like I'll be heading back Jan. 5th, which means I'll be back just in time to start up the new year of Navigator Tuesday night bible studies! To be honest, I'm nervous about going back...finding a job, a home, and trying hard to learn more about all seems like a weighty mission! But, I'm excited and I really think we made the right decision about me going back for the rest of this year without Brett....

***This just in!!! I now know what kinda baby my friend Amy is having ( thank goodness for text messages during ultrasound appointments)!!! Now I can hardly wait to go back to Washington so I can help plan this babies new life!! Yay for living vicariously through others! :-)


Carina said...

Did you mean to say 5th January?

Lindsay O. said...

Hey Abigail,
I teach 2nd grade and thought it would be fun for my kids to write letters to Brett. I have a funny story about that that I couldn't resist writing about in my blog, so I thought I'd share it with you in case you were interested in hearing about it:
Take care,
Lindsay O.