December 18, 2008

Boxed in.

-I am not good at wrapping presents. I need to take a class or something to teach me how to make them look a pretty like they do in the stores. :-(

-I sent Brett a package when he first got to A-stan and he thought he was going to be in one place and then, surprise! things of course, yesterday, I got that box was battered and beaten and had obviously been to hell and back, yet...there it was with all the goodies still inside. I suppose I'm happy I got it back, but it makes me sad that it'll be another month before Brett sees it.

-My cold is still going strong. Last night it woke me up every few hours because of the lack of oxygen. Apparently breathing does not come so naturally after all.

-Today I'm cooking curry. Take that you silly sinuses!

-I'm worried that my last few christmas presents aren't going to arrive in time! BOOOO!

-I'm going to visit my Aunt Donnave and Uncle Jim on Saturday. I'm excited not only to see them, but that my sister is now coming too! It's a real party now!

-I have had to many days and too few quiet times. This does not equal greatness.

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