December 19, 2008


Tomorrow the Abt Family Four are driving to Cleburne Texas. This is significant on several levels. We have probably not been anywhere just the four of us since 2000 ( the year Anna got married). And going to Cleburne in December is seriously one of the clearest family memories of my youth.
Cleburne, Texas is where my Dad's family always was and it was where I personified Christmas in the form of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and Grandmother and Granddangy ( although he was always slightly scary).
Anyway, I'm kind of excited about just having the four of us take a car trip together, and I'm excited about McDonalds breakfast ( which is an important part of roadtriping in my family) and I'm excited about seeing wonderful family whom I love. And I'm excited about Christmas.

Today, I watched Elf until I fell asleep half way though ( I totally blame my cold, because I totally love this movie and had no reason to fall asleep.), but I think this movie deserves serious props for jumping so quickly into my "classic christmas movie" section. But, oh how delightful Will Farrell is as Buddy the Elf! How delighted and happy and cheerful he is!

If you haven't seen this movie this Christmas season I suggest you go watch it pronto, it'll make you smile. ( besides, Baby, its Cold Outside is my current favorite holiday song-and the version in this movie is extra great.)

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