December 21, 2008

Literally Speechless

Last night my current cold took me to a new level and I lost my voice. Straight up, I was left with nothing but a squeak and a whisper. And today, today is no better. The worst part is that Brett called me this morning, after several days of not hearing from him, and all I could do was whisper into the phone. I think he could hear me relatively well, but its actually HARD to whisper loudly for long spirts of time. And its especially hard when you're talking to your husband and you really just want him to be next to you.

The end.

No, not really....really, the saddest thing about this past week is that I'm trying to write Brett my weekly "Sunday Letter", which I usually fill with all the spiritual insights that I get throughout the week, as well as all the things that I have not either already blogger about or told him about over the phone ( as you can imagine that's hard to come up with!), but this week....this week, I've got nothing! I've totally dried up on Spiritual insight. Which, is of course, my own fault. I'd like to blame the fact that I've had some variation of head cold all week long, but that's not a good reason. And now, now I'm left without either of my voices. The writers voice and the speaking one! :-(

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