September 02, 2009

Side effects may include laziness.

I've got a headache. I decided to not have coffee yesterday and then my neck got sore from sleeping funny the night before...and BOOM! We were all on the verge of another "Abigail's got a migraine" period of life. And no one wants to go there. No one.

So I got a half-caf double shot soy latte instead of the usual full strength. Which isn't cheating, right?

Self-control was never my strong suit.

I think Washington got the memo about it being September, because there has definitely been the hint of autumn in the air the past two days. To be honest, I'm mildly happy about this, for one thing I really like the changes of season. There really should be FOUR. DISTINCT. SEASONS. But so far I've only lived in places that had a grand total of two. But there is always hope....
However, this change in weather ( which may also be a source of this headache action) has made me put on my "comfort hoodie"* and it has given me the STRONGEST URGE to just stay in bed and read a book.....with maybe another latte ( mmmmmmmmmmm!)
Sadly a day in bed with a coffee is a luxury that I cannot afford for there are parties to be thrown and business to be taken care of, girls to think about and then tonight Lindsay and I are going to help the boys clean out the Guys Pad ( they are all deploying or moving so it is truly the end of an era), which is possibly the grossest thing ever. But, I feel strongly that I need to give them a helping sisterly hand...After all, this is one of the few ways I can "give back" to all the guys who have helped me move over the past few years. Lifting things up over my head-no. Cleaning-maybe. ( you were excepting a yes! hahah!)

* My security blanket hoodie has played this special roll in my life for a while now Proof and proof and again.

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Tabitha said...

NZ had four just liked to fit them all into one day a lot of the time.:)I am excited about this whole leaf changing thing though. And snow! Surely there will be snow.