January 02, 2010

an active member of society. again.

So, with this new year, I bring you new news regarding my life. TA-DA!

I got myself a job title! WOOO!

So, here's the story, hopefully answering all those pesky little questions like, "HOW?! Abigail HOW!?!"

As you know Brett and I are involved with the Army Navigators Ministry, which is part of this bigger thing called the Military Navigators Ministry, which is involved with this bigger thing called the Navigators Ministry. Anyways, since that's super clear, I'll continue by saying that recently the Military ministry did a little revamping and now our old leader from Washington, Andrew is heading up the Navy ministry ( this is super exciting and should make you want to join the navy. haha) and-more to the point of this story-Chuck ( who's house we're living in, remember?) who is the leader of the Army ministry ( keep up, I'm almost done), has put together this Army Leadership Team to help streamline to Army side of things. Annnnyway, one of the positions on this team is called, " Staff Services Liaison" and since we all know I have the proclivity for things like spreadsheets and email writing and phonecalls and organizational type things-Chuck offered me the position!

I am pretty honored to help out in the practical aspects of a ministry that believe in so much and I hope that I can be helpful to them.

And of course, one of the perks of this whole thing, is that now when people ask me what I DO all day, I can totally throw out my new handy dandy job title. Excellent.


Christa said...

YAY!! I am so happy for you! :) I am going to shoot an e-mail in your direction soon. I was going to call but then I remembered you saying that your phone doesnt get great recepion. If there is any other way to get into touch with you please let me know.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Awesome job title, very offical sounding :-)